Being Faithful vs. Loyalty

Relationships require a lot of work, whether you’re fighting to keep them alive or simply just trying to spice them up a little with new adventures. But we often times get too caught up in our efforts to experiment in our relationships, and we begin to lose sight of some of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy, trustworthy social atmosphere. Not only do we forget about how important these principles are, but we also find ourselves justifying our mistakes by loosely defining exactly what it means to be both faithful and loyal to our significant others. However, understanding what these two ideas are and incorporating them into your daily thoughts and beliefs can make it a lot easier to remember why you’re in a relationship, and whether or not you’re there for all the right reasons.


Let’s begin by discussing the word “faithful.” It’s safe to assume that most people view being faithful as not cheating on a partner, or using self-control to properly analyze and avoid certain situations that would jeopardize the trust and commitment(s) you’ve made to another person. But does faithfulness run much deeper than this?