Best Places to Have Fun in a Relationship!

Here’s a thought: You’ve got some free time on your hands. Your boyfriend’s on his way home. And you’re in the mood to have a little fun. But for some reason, the usual bedroom escapade just isn’t cutting it for you anymore. But where else would you have the perfect balance of excitement and privacy to engage in these sacred, intimate activities? Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few different places that will make you think twice before you decide to have fun the old-fashioned way. And they’re sure to spice up your relationship in ways you’ve never imagined!

Laundry room

1) Laundry room

You’re probably already familiar with the interesting sounds that your washer and dryer make when you’re doing a load of laundry, right? Well, those spin cycles can produce a lot more than just a bunch of noises——all of that tumbling can come in handy when you really want to take things to the next level. Try sitting on top of the washing machine while he stands up in front of you (And yes, this is why tall boys are needed.)

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