First Kisses

Let’s be honest: When you kiss someone you like for the very first time, it’s usually always awkward. Sometimes, you may not be sure if the person likes you back or whether or not they’re even ready to take the next step with you. And all you can even think about is how much you really want to kiss them. Maybe you both like each other, but the chemistry just doesn’t seem to be there because you’re nervous and/or shy. Fortunately, there are solutions to these kind of problems when it comes to “sealing the deal.” Once you understand how to approach this fairly intimate situation, your next first kiss (or very first kiss ever!) will be nothing short of energy, passion and fireworks!

“So, how exactly do you know when it’s the perfect time to go for the first kiss?”


The truth is: You’re in full control of when this time comes. In fact, you can choose the most comfortable timing for you to go in for the smooch. However, there are several signs and indications that will make it a lot more appropriate and help you determine if it even makes sense to land the kiss.