Foods That Get You in the Mood to Have Fun!

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to let loose, relax and enjoy the amazing freedom of good weather and less responsibility. And, of course, you have a lot more time to spend with your friends and that one cute guy you’ve had your eye on for awhile. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell a boy exactly how you feel, but maybe you don’t have to actually come out and tell him… Maybe you’ll be able to get his attention by offering to share some of these amazing foods that will put him in the mood to have the kind of “fun” you’ve been waiting for. Not only are they nature’s special aphrodisiacs, but they’re both yummy and nutritious, too!


1. Bananas

You probably thought that bananas only sparked those intimate thoughts due to their awkward shape, right? In fact, bananas contain high levels of potassium, which is critical to the production of hormones that get you “excited.” Another enzyme created by the consumption of bananas is bromelain, which helps you to feel those emotions directly connected to pleasure and excitement. Bananas are also responsible for the production of serotonin aka the “feel good” hormone. So, the next time you’re alone with your crush, you can tease him with a banana and then allow him to eat it to get him ready for some action!


2. Mangos

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