Foods That Get You in the Mood to Have Fun!

Both sweet and succulent, mangoes are the perfect compliment to the amazing pleasures of foreplay. They contain natural sugars that are sure to boost stamina, and plenty of Vitamin E to continue the production of those exciting hormones. Since eating a mango can be extra wet and messy while you’re enjoying it, you’ll both have excuses to clean up for each other and exercise your taste buds at the same time (if you know what I mean…)


3. Cherries

Admit it: Cherries are down-right sexy. You might notice that they’re often used in Hollywood movies where attractive women manage to seduce the alpha males. However, besides their aesthetic appeal, cherries are actually great ways to regulate your heart rate because they contain substances called anthocyanins, which fight against clogged arteries and help protect your artery walls. All you have to do is pop a few cherries in your mouth and it’s sure to get the blood flowing!


4. Raspberries

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