How to Approach a Girl

For the most part, girls naturally get more attention than guys do, and usually it’s a lot more unwanted than desired. And even if you’re a nice guy with a personality that could sweep her off of her feet, you may not even get the chance to pursue her if your approach is wrong. It’s very important to leave a lasting impression on a female, especially if it’s going to be the first one and you want her to be interested in you. With a little experience, approaching any girl while keeping the following tips in mind will help her to remember you and want to find out more about what you have to offer.

Eye contact

1. Make eye contact.

So, you see a girl that you like and you’re obviously staring her down at this point, right? If you’re able to get her to focus her eyes on you, then you’ve already initialized your approach. She might stare back at you for a considerable amount of time to let you know that you’ve got her attention, or maybe she might take a quick glance, look away and then take yet another glance; either way, this is a sure sign that she’s interested in at least having a closer interaction with you.

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