How to Get Boys to Open Up to You

There’s a taboo and a false misunderstanding surrounding the facts about how guys and girls relate to each other. Learning how to “read” people and organize your own thoughts and feelings can be very difficult, especially for teenagers who have trouble wrapping their heads around both the differences and similarities between genders. In most relationships, guys usually have the upper hand; for example, if a girl likes a guy, it’s much harder for her to openly fall for him and express her attraction, while the guy maintains control over his emotions and can willingly decide to complicate the relationship at any given point in time during the “crush.” But this dynamic can be very frustrating for a girl who doesn’t want to appear “clingy” or get involved in something that’s not going to last, forcing her to start over with yet another boy who may end up treating her the same way.

Well, you know what they say: “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” But even the best players will eventually meet their match. And a smart girl knows how to accomplish this without giving away her heart on a silver platter.

Miley Cyrus

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