How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

Although no one really knows what it is, it seems like some people just can’t avoid it. Most of us, at some point in our lives, have a burning desire to be wanted (both physically and romantically) by another person, and being put in the “friend zone” is probably the most sincere, uncontrollable form of rejection that exists today. The catch is: It’s not an insult (or at least, an obvious one), but it’s also not an invitation to take the relationship to a new level. It’s somewhere in between “I think you’re really cool” and “I don’t like you like that…” but, for some odd reason, you’re usually entitled to many of the benefits that a best friend and/or boyfriend has privilege to, like innocent cuddling, sharing dark secrets or even watching them change in and out of clothes. And during this entire period of time, you can’t help but fall deeper and deeper in love with the person who you clearly have no chance with…

Or at least that’s what you thought. *insert your favorite emoji here*

Friend Zone

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