How to make your hair grow really long

It’s a known fact that boys are attracted to girls with long, flowing and beautiful hair. They love how it smells when it’s slightly damp after you’ve just taken a shower and it’s been treated with your signature shampoo, and they definitely enjoy pulling on it to establish their dominance over you when both the mood and time prevails. However, one of the biggest problems for girls nowadays is being able to grow their hair out and maintain this strong, healthy appearance that adds the maximum levels of volume and shine. And for those of you that suffer from this dilemma, you’re going to be very surprised when you realize exactly what you’ve been doing wrong and how natural the process actually is to making your hair grow extremely long.

Step 1: Use cold water to wash your hair.


Admit it, you absolutely love taking hot and steamy showers, right? But showering in hot water is very damaging to both your hair and skin! Not only does the heat cause it to dry out faster and lose moisture, but it also weakens the hair shaft (which makes it brittle and prone to splitting and breakage.) Despite how uncomfortable it might be for you, the colder the water, the better it is for you in the long run.

P.S. You’ll get used to it. :)

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