How to Talk to Boys

When a girl has a crush on a guy and she really likes him, it’s not that easy for her to simply just walk up to him and start a conversation. He’s no longer just a “guy friend” that can voice his opinions about her without having an effect on her attitude and personal feelings. In fact, this kind of vulnerability can, indeed, silence even the most confident, outspoken of girls! And you can just forget about it if she’s a bit shy — nine times out of ten, she’ll keep it all a secret and admire him from afar. However, as crazy as this might sound, learning exactly what it takes to spark a guy’s interest using different forms of communication can create a natural environment that helps to build a relationship with him, as well as reduce those restless butterflies lingering in your stomach when he’s around.


“There’s NO WAY I’m ever going to talk to my crush…” Yes, way. It’s about time that you start living out your wildest dreams, and all it takes is just a little bit of style and courage.

Let’s begin…

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