How to Talk to Women

Language is one of the most beautiful innovations that the conscience of mankind has ever created. How we are able to shape sounds and articulate information with our mouths, hands, facial expressions and any other medium of direct communication is absolutely profound and allows us to exercise the great depth of the human mind. Conversations can quickly escalate from a simple “Hello” (of course, accompanied by a soothing smile) to jokes and laughing, maybe a few flirtatious hints or innuendos, or the occasional serious tones that lets a person know you mean business. But how exactly do you use this art form to entertain the woman of your dreams?

Well, you’re about to find out. Walk with me.

If you’re familiar with the social network popularly known as “Twitter,” you may have seen a Tweet similar to the one shown below:

Rules for Texting a Girl!

While this information holds true, I would like to go into a little bit of detail regarding how these behaviors affect the relationship and overall experience when speaking to a woman.


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