Is He Keeping Secrets from You?

There’s a fine line between telling a lie and hiding the truth, especially when you’re in a relationship with someone and/or in the “talking” stages of a potential dating situation. But that doesn’t eliminate the fact that people often times choose not to share sensitive information with their significant other, whatever the reason may be. It’s that “whatever” that continues to drive us crazy — the urge to find out why, maybe out of mere curiosity or because we simply don’t understand why it’s even an issue to begin with. It’s usually really hard to figure out whether or not someone’s keeping a secret from you, unless they’ve shared the news with someone else who decides to let you in on it. However, it’s not as difficult to grasp the concept surrounding the reason(s) it might exist, or why it’s so important that you’re not made aware of these ever-so-sensitive ideas.

“Excuse me, I want to know ‘IF’ he’s keeping secrets from me… not ‘WHY’ he’s keeping secrets from me…” The truth is: You need to understand “why” before you can begin to determine whether “if” is even a question. So, let us begin…

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