Meeting His Parents

When you’re in a relationship with someone for awhile, you begin to learn new things about them that you probably wouldn’t have discovered if you only just remained friends. You start spending more and more time together and you’re able to share most, if not all, of the different facets of your lifestyle with each other. Eventually, the opportunity will present itself to introduce your relationship to your family members, and this can be somewhat awkward and confusing at times. Maybe you’re unsure about whether or not your family will like him, and wondering if his family will accept you is even more nerve-racking. Let’s not forget that his parents are going to be very critical of you, especially since girls are held to a much higher standard in society than guys are. However, we should also remember that none of us are perfect, and there are many different ways to present yourself in a way that’s both unique and respectable.

“Mom. Dad. Meet… [insert your name here]”

Don't Panic