Mistakes Girls Make That Ruin Relationships

If the perfect boyfriend really did exist, every girl has her own idea of what he would be like. But the average guy is, well, just a guy. And often times, girls make these common mistakes while in a relationship with the “perfect” guy for them, but end up losing him. Here’s a list of mistakes that you want to avoid when you’re considering a long-term relationship with that special someone.


1. Trying to change your partner.
Sure, it would be absolutely amazing if he changed that one little thing, and you would be so happy, right?


Because what might be little to you, is actually quite big to him. This will make your guy feel like you don’t love him for who he is, and trying to change him will only create a certain level of resentment and maybe even raise some concerns that he may not be able to fulfill all your desires, and you’ll only love the person you want him to be.

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