Mistakes Guys Make When Dating

Some guys are really good with women. Period. But sometimes, guys (in general) tend to make very obvious mistakes while pursuing or trying to progress into a relationship with a girl. It could be from lack of experience, because we’ve all started somewhere, right?

Let’s talk about some of these mistakes, with the intent that discussing them will help to make any existing relationships or potentially healthy relationships develop smoothly. *insert your favorite emoji here*


1. Flirting

When you’re single, enjoy it, do it as you please, see where it goes… And I mean that in a harmless way, because whether it’s a long-term relationship or a short-term one, again: they all started somewhere.

But after you make a clear attempt to take your relationship to the next level with a girl you’ve been seeing, you should stop any semi-sexually interaction with other women, and especially her friends. It’s disgusting and disrespectful, vice versa.

Of course, a little jealousy in any relationship is healthy, so when you do talk to other girls for whatever reason; for instance, if you’re at a restaurant ordering food from a very attractive waitress, or in a public setting with some of her friends, or sometimes you might work with an attractive female at your job. The girl you’re pursuing can’t force you to stop all communication with other women from the moment you start “chasing” her, but she would like it to be more friendly-than-not with very small room for her imagination to hallucinate and foresee any kind of sexual behavior between you and these other women.

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