The Benefits of Cuddling

It’s fun. It’s relaxing. When you know that someone you care about is laying next to you, ready to fall asleep — that feeling is amazing, almost addictive. Cuddling can actually consist of so many different activities and interactions that have a strong effect on our minds and bodies, even though we do them naturally. In fact, you spend most of your time cuddling when you’re in a relationship, considering the fact that both of you are probably at school and/or working during the day. After you get home, you’re probably looking to take care of your responsibilities (however, a quick cuddle session in-between doesn’t hurt!) before getting ready for bed, and we all know that’s where it goes down. So, understanding the benefits of cuddling can help prolong healthy behaviors and strengthen those unique bonds that inspire great, long-term relationships.

Pillow Talk

1) Pillow Talk

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