The Secret to Dealing with Arguments

Most healthy relationships have ups-and-downs, and sometimes those downs can breed enough negative energy to produce arguments over some of the stupidest things ever. But that’s okay — it’s very important to be able to openly communicate with your partner about ANYTHING that happens to be on your mind, and despite their immediate reaction to your opinion(s), they should be able to accept your feelings and move forward. However, arguments can get out of hand very quickly, and unfortunately, great relationships are ruined because people don’t know exactly how to deal with them properly and “breaking up” becomes the only solution.

Deep breath

I bet you’ve heard advice from some other sources along the lines of, “Just relax, count to ten and take a deep breath…” or “Think about your words before you say them…” Maybe you’ve been told not to raise your voice because it only increases the tension in the relationship, turning the argument into a competition of who-can-scream-the-loudest instead of actually getting your point across.

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