Things Guys Hate About Girls

Negativity is even worse when it’s completely unnecessary. Girls tend to get very defensive around other girls who they feel might be direct competition. And it’s completely normal to feel threatened, in a sense, by someone you feel is prettier or more attractive than you. However, these are feelings that you should keep to yourself, because the fastest way to ruin your chances with a guy is to give him a reason to believe that you talk behind other people’s back or that you harbor any kind of envy, jealousy or animosity for people without getting to know them first.


2. Being clingy.

Guys don’t like girls who get attached too quickly, and sometimes this is very hard for some girls to understand. You might think that being clingy shows that you are loyal and committed, but then you’re also assuming that he’s just as interested as you are when it comes down to actually pursuing a relationship. If you’re not sure about how a guy feels about you, your best bet is to relax and take things slowly. You don’t always have to know what he’s doing or who he’s with. You shouldn’t always feel the need to question why he hasn’t answered your calls or your texts. Instead, focus on being yourself and doing things that will make him wonder about you and look forward to speaking with you again.

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