Things Guys Hate About Girls

Another reason why guys don’t like when girls are clingy is because it shows a greater level of dependency than what most guys are attracted to. Sure, he wants a girl that isn’t going to get up and go partying every weekend, but at the same time, he doesn’t want a girl that makes it too easy to the point where it’s not even fun to chase you. When you make yourself too vulnerable, it makes him “wonder” whether or not you’re worth it before the relationship even has an opportunity to develop into something greater.

Too much makeup!

3. Too much makeup.

Makeup is a major turn-off for most guys. And although guys may tell you that you look better without makeup, truth is: makeup does wonders, and most guys appreciate when it is used correctly. However, wearing too much of it is always noticeable and says a lot more about you than you’re trying to portray.

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