What Boys Are Attracted To

Boys are very simple to understand. They don’t have many expectations when it comes to relationships, and it’s very easy to get their attention if you understand what drives their attraction to a woman’s personality and/or physique. However, outside of the complex personality traits that you may not have direct control over, there are some universal approaches to feminine appeal that are almost always guaranteed to attract the guy of your dreams.

1) Sundresses
Assuming that the weather permits, sundresses are the perfect combination of class, innocence and freedom to be yourself and allow others to fall for your exuberant aura. They’re conservative enough to cover your body in a way that’s socially acceptable, but fragile enough to tease him and make him wonder about the beauty that lies underneath, especially with the accidental “there-goes-the-wind-again” slips. If you can find the right one to fit your contour, you’ll be drawing the attention of guys you never even knew you had a chance with!

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