When You Dream About Him

When people tell you to “follow your dreams,” it’s not a figure of speech — they’re serious. Your dreams are home for some of the most intricate answers to a bunch of unanswered questions in your life, regardless of how difficult they may be to remember. Sometimes, they’re quite vivid and can be exaggerated using the creative depths of your imagination, however, the presence behind many of the characters within the dream itself hold real-life value. To be more specific, if you’ve ever had a dream about a guy you know, it may actually be able to bring you some peace of mind when considering your feelings for that special someone in your life.


Now, you may not remember EVERY single dream you’ve had about a guy in your life, but most of us can recall at least one wild dream we’ve experienced in the past that we’ve also been dying to understand. And maybe dreams aren’t meant to be understood, and instead we should pay attention to the contents of the dream and understand why they might be involved.

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