Why Boys Are Attracted to Easy Girls

One thing that you’ve probably learned over the years is that people will never fail to amaze you, especially considering exactly how far they’re willing to go for attention. With so many different personalities scattered throughout the world, it’s not hard to notice the true depth of human interaction and how it ultimately affects your relationships with people. Some of us take pride in taking care of ourselves, and making it clear that respect must be earned before trust and intimacy can become a contribution to our daily lives. However, others are much more care-free and exercise rather spontaneous and promiscuous behaviors that seem to degrade themselves and serve as poor examples for a subset of society. But even more appalling is the fact that, despite the portrayal of such low standards, there’s still a very strong attraction towards these individuals, which can often times complicate the status of any existing relationships, leaving those who are both faithful and loyal to bear the burden of disappointment.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the topic of discussion here is: HOES.


Let’s take a minute to clarify that the term “hoes” will be used loosely throughout this article. Although the title puts emphasis on easy girls, it should be well-understood that boys can also be very easily seduced into having multiple attachments with little to no emotional basis whatsoever. Unfortunately, society does not punish guys for behaving this way; in fact, it’s quite normal for men to pursue several relationships, as long as they’re not tied to any kind of commitment with someone else. Girls, on the other hand, are taught to avoid this type of stigma due to the fear of being rejected and/or mistreated by those who have bad intentions.

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